DX800 Solar

DX800 Solar


We have developed a completely new multipurpose scissor lift. The DX800 Solar is very off-road, combined with various chassis options.

The DX800 Solar model series includes the DX800 Skyman™ (towable), Track (tracked) and 4WD (four-wheel drive with rubber tires).

The new electronic stepless control makes using the lift very pleasant and safe. The lift is equipped with automatically leveling support legs, which makes it easier and faster to use the lift. After use, the support legs of the lift can be automatically returned to the transport position by pressing a button. The support legs are designed so that they can be used to level the lift on very inclined platforms, such as driving ramps.

The standard equipment and the machine’s compact size enable access to tight spaces. With the help of removable railings, the machine can be driven in even through low doors.

The DX800 is available in fully electric, mains and battery versions. The lift is also available in a full-hybrid version with mains power, internal combustion engine and battery operation.


Standard features

  • Hydraulic traction drive
  • Solar panel
  • Inverter-charger
  • Battery pack

Optional features

  • Special colour
  • Ask for other equipments

Max. working height

8,0 m

Max. platform height

6,0 m

Working outreach

0,85 m

Working width

Max 1,52 m

Max. working load

300 kg

Platform dimensions

2,2 x 1,0–1,4 m



Machine length

2,72–4,15 m

Machine width

1,0–1,4 m

Machine height

2,29–2,30 m (without rails 1,42–1,45 m)

Machine weight

1 700 kg

Standard power source

230 V / 50 Hz / 1,9 kW

Petrol engine


Traction drive



20–35 %

Drive from platform

Yes (in transport position)